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Bridgeline Speaks - The Importance of Providing Quality Senior Care

The Forest at Duke - The Forest at Duke Inc. , Durham, NC

Bridgeline Builds Communities, One Project at a Time

At @BridgelineExteriors, we look to understand our communities and who we are building for. Our reach in the construction industry is so vast and if we as construction professionals do not engage our communities and build with purpose, then it is all for not.

Senior Living is not just about affordable housing and care for basic needs, but it is so much more. It’s about providing a support system and nurturing environment that helps seniors and their families maintain their independence, dignity, and quality of life.

As our population continues to age, senior care is coming to the forefront as a must-build segment. Not for those seeking to profit, but to service the basic human needs of our seniors, their families, and our communities.

The keys to building quality senior care are to provide basic and specialty medical care, social interaction, activities, and exercise whether it be physical therapy or access to physical recreation programs and spaces, and also provide access to the needs of its community members spiritually. This attention to individual needs is what gives them the quality of life they deserve, and gives their community and families the opportunity to celebrate not just their lives before they entered but to preserve and maintain them while they reside in these tailored spaces.

Tavenier Place - Peabody Properties , Acton, MA

The Current - Monarch Communities Weymouth, MA

The Stigma of Nursing Homes and how Modern Day Development and Construction is breaking this mold:

What do you imagine when you think " Nursing Home"? The stereotypical image of a nursing home is dark, cramped, our elderly loved ones being left to the wayside with their basic human needs not even being met. Basically something out of a horror story. Your mother, father, aunt, uncle, sister, brother or grandmother and/or grandfather being left alone not moving or helped for hours or sometimes days. With our loved ones, we cannot fathom this type of treatment, nor do we want to imagine it, but this is what the image looks like that has been painted in our minds. In the USA, some might even feel they cannot afford a "luxury" facility that can provide that extra support or dynamic nurturing that their loved ones need. We all know this is not how this works and the picture painted is not the reality in modern times with government subsidies and funding, social security, etc, but it is a stereotype and an image that has been painted on the Senior Care industry for generations.

Leland House - 2Life Communities, Waltham, MA

Three Main Ingredients to Creating Quality Senior Living Communities

Quality seniors can be broken down into a recipe just like for the most amazing meal you have ever created.

Ingredient #1 is basic medical and specialty medical services.

We can all agree that every resident is different, but they all have a common goal, to keep their dignity, their independence and feel supported and surrounded by community. Rehabilitation services is key to this recipe as Seniors may need help recovering from injury, illness or surgery, and rehabilitation can help them regain their independence and return to their daily activities. The trifecta of Physical, occupational, and speech therapy services are essential for seniors to recover from injury or illness and maintain their physical abilities.

The quality of medical care is also crucial. Regular health assessments, medical treatments, and medication management are all important components of medical care for seniors. Providing quality medical care helps seniors maintain their health and well-being, and also helps prevent potential health problems from becoming more serious or emerging at a later stage.

Ingredient #2 is the creation of a warm, friendly and home-like Environment

With the creation of this type of environment, we are creating a space where it's residents do not feel out of place, like they are in a sterile hospital environment, where they feel they have lost control.

Designing and constructing comfortable and well-maintained living quarters, as well as offering nutritious and delicious meals that can be enjoyed on their own or with their community and friends.

Ingredient #3 is the development of community

The final ingredient in this recipe is creating community. Through thoughtful design, inspired meeting spaces, community, and social activities and programs, as well as active engagement with their peers and loved ones, we create a common theme of engagement. By creating a dynamic community where seniors can feel like a part of a community, be active with others in outings, service, hobbies, and even keep their spiritual connections, we are creating not just a quality of life that is needed but is also enjoyed by those residing there and their loved ones near and far.

Bridgeline Exteriors, headquartered in Concord, MA with locations in Arlington, VA and Raleigh, NC specializes in Senior Living Community Construction offering turnkey solutions in the wood framing and the exterior building envelope divisions to create integral and innovative communities for our seniors throughout the eastern seaboard. Bridgeline's goal is not just to build, but to build communities, one project at a time. Engaging our communities, bringing designs to reality. We at Bridgeline value family and community and aim to construct projects that support them.

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