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Progress update Spectrum at Wendell Falls - Richardson Multifamily

We are proud to share our progress at the Spectrum at Wendell Falls - Richardson Multifamily in Wendell, NC!

Bridgeline Exteriors is thrilled to share progress on Spectrum at Wendell Falls with Building 2 nearing completion, Building 1 at 75% completion and the start of the third building our of 4. With speed, quality control, and a clean and safe job site, the first month has proven to be exceptionally productive for this team and project. This is just one part of a master plan to develop the entire city of Wendell, NC.

Bridgeline Exterior's Project Executive Gustavo Lopes ,Project Manager Bob Kopp, Framing Division Pre-Construction Coordinator, Zach Greco, alongside Rachana Kheraj handling risk management and project development and Laís Ribeiro Romano romano handling safety and project compliance, have come together to give speed, accuracy, safety and efficiency on this project. Stay tuned for more progress on the Spectrum at Wendell Falls!

Project Name: Spectrum at Wendell Falls - Richardson Multifamily

General Contractor: Samet Corporation

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