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Safety Week 2023 - Spectrum Wendell Falls, NC

At Bridgeline Exteriors we take safety, not as a goal, but as a necessity. This week we are proud to be participating in Samet Corporation's Safety Week on our project site Spectrum at Wendell Falls, NC. Samet held their Safety Stand Down on Day 1. Our teams will participate in events where we come together for safety demonstrations, job walks and much more to remind us that #SAFETY is our number one priority. As we celebrate 10 years at Bridgeline Exteriors, we also celebrate the level of safety we bring to every job site, whether it be the framing scope or siding and envelope scopes. Thank you to @samet for putting together this event and allowing us to demonstrate to everyone every day our level of dedication to keeping our employees and partners safe.

Bridgeline Exteriors is proud to say we have had ZERO accidents and a clean Osha log for 5 years running! Our teams in Blue are proactive, not reactive and that is what safety is all about.

Work Safe, Together!

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