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Throwback part 1: Cliffhouse Resort and Spa, Cape Neddick, ME

Owner : Maine Course Hospitality Group, Dugas Development and Rockbridge Capital, LLC

Architect: Cooper Cary

GC: S.R. Sams Construction LLC

Throwback Cliff House Resort and Spa, Cape Neddick, Maine

From a quaint 19th-century inn to a breathtaking coastal escape, Cliff House has transformed.

A 2015 rebirth by Cooper Carry, with Bridgeline Exteriors' artful touch, preserved history while breathing in contemporary allure. Ocean views dance in guest rooms, the spa whispers serenity, and every detail echoes the sea story.

We at Bridgeline Exteriors are proud to have played a part in this stunning rebirth. Experience the Cliff House magic – a legacy we helped restore and add to, for generations to come.

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