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Project award 2Life Leland House, Waltham, MA

Bridgeline Exteriors is here today to announce award of 2Life Leland House in Waltham, MA by Dellbrook | JKS

Sited on 1.5 Acres in Waltham, MA, 2Life Communities, together with renowned architecture firm PCA, Inc., plans to offer 100% Affordable apartments to its seniors. Regionally renowned General Contractor Dellbrook | JKS has awarded Bridgeline Exteriors the siding, insulation, rainscreen, as well as the AVB package to bring this Passive House Standard design to life. This highly efficient and sustainable building has been designed to the highest level of universal standards to allow our aging seniors the opportunity to flourish in a community regardless of physical ability, offering flex spaces for fitness and wellness, spaces for arts and cultural activities, community events and lively communal meal areas which is a hallmark of 2Life Communities. Bridgeline Exteriors we strive to build our communities so everyone, regardless of income, age or race, can thrive and safely feel at home in their communities. Bridgeline Exteriors, we are the bridge between design and construction.

Project: 2Life Leland House , 21 Newton Street, Waltham, MA

General Contractor: Dellbrook | JKS/JKS

Architect: PCA Architects

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